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Gestalt Webinar:
Supercharge your remote Lessons!

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Friday April 17, 2020 at 12PM Singapore/ Hongkong; 9.30AM India; 9PM PST (US)

Gestalt is a leader in helping organizations develop a highly effective, digitally empowered workforce. Given today’s situation with COVID19, many educators are faced with an immediate issue of taking all or some of their curriculum to a remote, virtual classroom. Managed well, this can be very efficient and over time become your institution’s new core competence.

This webinar focuses on answering a basic question:

“How do we successfully transform teaching from the classroom to online within weeks?”

The webinar will give you a deeper understanding of …

  • The challenges with being effective in delivering content remotely and engaging students.
  • Best practices for content delivery, aligned to different topics orlessons even within the same subject
  • Elevating student engagement – with the instructor and amongst the student body, leading to a comfortable learning environment in a virtual setup

Given the crisis around us, potent remote teaching is the need of the hour.. We are all in this together, and Gestalt is committed to extending our knowledge to help you succeed in these unprecedented circumstances.

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Rajesh Makhija

CEO, Gestalt Inc

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CEO, Gutenberg

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President, McorpCX
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Fellow, UC Berkley