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Strategies to Develop a Digital-First Workforce : Rajesh Makhija for Wharton

There’s no disputing that technology is changing the way we work. Here’s how to help your business adapt for the future.


As companies evolve at breakneck speeds, they embrace emerging technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain to become more competitive and dominate their markets.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Strategies for the New Normal

To be successful during this crisis, organizations need to embrace the state of continuous disruption, along with being agile and empathetic to their employees, customers, and suppliers.

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What is digital talent?

Is it a technology professional who can act digital? Is it a digital native, who knows the way around all kinds of hardware and software gadgets? But are they adept at deriving the maximum benefits from rich digital tools & technologies?

A Successful Digital Transformation Needs a Talent Transformation to Beat the Odds

Is your Digital Transformation program reaching your desired goals?