High performing fresh hires

With GoGestalt's upskilling, fresh hires can be immediately productive and can lead to faster digitization of your enterprise.

At present, fresh graduates need a significant amount of time and resource investment before they become truly productive. The long process of hiring & training the these employees, along with the associated costs, deter organizations from investing in & hiring fresh talent pool for their current workforce requirements.

What's the ideal employee? Keeping the excitement of new hires, leveraging their innate digital comfort, and still helping them hit the ground running early. Talent like this would fast track the digitization of your enterprise and could be critical long term assets of the organization. In addition, they can contribute to significant cost optimization as an alternative to expensive lateral hires or more expensive senior talent.

The distinct benefits of such employees are...

  • New hires will be skilled and immediately productive.
  • Better performance due to holistic upskilling on the digital way of doing business
  • Presence of more effective change agents for digital culture transformation

Look for this option when you need to...

  • Set up a high quality farm for future talent
  • Insource business or technology operations, aided by automation
  • Reduce costs or are facing budget cuts
  • Address a shortage of qualified digital resources

Why GoGestalt?

GoGestalt has a track record of developing over a few thousand early-in-career employees into successful career professionals. Gestalt talent transformation is holistic across business, technical, and mindset dimensions.

GoGestalt talent transformation is completely customized for each employee with active participation of the employer. It's designed and executed for the talent to hit the ground running immediately and productively.