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Digital Readiness Assessment Tool

Gestalt’s digital readiness assessment tool is inspired by our proprietary Digital Maturity Model. A digital readiness assessment is a starting point for organizations to evaluate how well they can manage digitalization and their upskilling needs

Digital readiness assessment

The Assessment

Gestalt’s assessment and benchmarking tool,  enables you to assess and benchmark digital maturity across four key dimensions:


Digital Methodologies
Digital Technologies
Digital Functions


These dimensions are further subdivided into 35 competency areas and 120+ attributes. Based on the results of the assessment, current business strategy, budgetary constraints and an in-depth discussion on impactful upskilling, a desired score will be arrived at for each of the  competency areas

The Outcome

Digital Maturity Map
Using the various dimensions of digital capabilities, Gestalt develops a spider map, as a visual representation of the current, desired, and benchmark maturity levels for the organization.


The Digital Upskilling Roadmap
Each of the prioritized competency areas and attributes are assessed and scored, providing a basis for articulation of the gaps between the current, desired and benchmark with a focus on specific challenges and opportunities for improvement. This then informs your roadmap to move from current maturity to the desired level, usually through several incremental steps