Digital Culture

With a deep rooted digital culture, the impact on key performance indicators is substantial.

Having a Digital Culture means having a shared appreciation, exploration, and excitement around various digital tools, ecosystems, and artifacts. These come together to give employees a deeper understanding of digital tools and their underlying infrastructure, thereby enabling work systems and processes. Gestalt believes in enabling digital culture transforming organizations from the bottom up, rather than by top-down prescription.

We believe that Digital Culture, as the name suggests, takes root by the emergence, use of, and deep familiarity with digital technologies. Gestalt focuses on relationships between usage of digital technologies and the enabling characteristics of digital culture. This sets in motion the necessary beliefs & behaviors in the organization to make the most of digital ecosystem.

We help teams become more capable both in their understanding of digital tools and technologies and in visualizing their usage and potential in real business contexts. The teams work through simulated digitally immersive exercises and workshops to gain a deep appreciation of the application and benefits of digital cultural attributes. Affecting enterprise operations is always the key motivator to GoGestalt's framework, and is the driver behind all concepts and applications introduced throughout the program. We help translate individual or incomplete digital capabilities to holistic, complete organizational ways of working, paving the road for a deep rooted digital culture. This is a core building block of our proprietary GoGestalt Framework for Digital Talent Transformation.