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Customer Experience Program At Gestalt Learning Solutions

Program helps all functional teams harness power of customer data, insights & technologies to get a uniform understanding of changing customer habits & expectations

Gestalt Customer Experience Program

Digital technologies have changed the orbit for customer experience with new and continuously changing bar on expectation as well as new capability to deliver. Gestalt’s customer experience program focuses on embedding customer centric digital skills across the organization. It helps to get a uniform understanding of the customer engagement journey, embracing the impact of digital on customer habits. The program helps leverage the power of technology to meet the customer needs & expectations, eliminate silos & deliver exceptional customer experience.

Focused areas include Customer 360, Design Thinking & Customer journeys, Multi-Experience, Data driven insights & Personalization.

Highlights of the Program

Customer Centricity Digital Landscape

Digital pulse check to self-discover, experience & understand the technologies impacting the customer understanding, insight and experience.

Digital-First Mindset

Practice attributes of Digital-First approach to every challenge & opportunity, instinctively working through technology and having an adaptive & learning mindset like digital natives, to explore and adopt new technologies

Customer Centric Technologies

Understand, apply & practice tools & systems to derive & distribute customer insights. Help organization design & deliver delightful customer experience.

Customer Centric Digital Methodologies

Experience elements of customer centric digital way of working. Build capabilities to get deep insights into and align process to with changing customer needs & preferences due to continuous digital developments.