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Build AI/ML Capabilities

The Gestalt AI/ML Program enables organizations to build digital & data skills, processes, playbook and best practices and exploit the power of AI and ML to deliver superior business performance.
The approach centres on the following three pillars:

a. Building Data, Analytics & AI/ML Skills

Our exclusive program that enables business stakeholders to identify, understand, work with, analyze and argue with data.

It includes understanding and practicing:

  • Data Preparation
  • Analytics & AI/ML models
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Process & Operating Model Improvement
  • Business Case & ROI

b. Systemize use of Data & Intelligence

Develop the playbook for institutionalizing and driving innovation in data management and advance analytics across the enterprise. Decode the data & AI/ML technologies landscape, identify & use the right data for visualization, analysis, & insights, using descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and RPA and ML models.

  • Architecture & DataOps
  • MLOps for standardized and reusable algorithms
  • ModelOps for Scalability & Collaboration
  • Explain-ability & Augmented Intelligence
  • Governance
  • Playbooks / R&R

c. Digital Proficiency & Mindset
Help the business teams develop the mindset to instinctively work through technology. Our program helps cultivate a digital-first mindset in your teams, demystify digital technologies, learn digital methodologies and visualize the power of digital & data.

Our interactive workshops unpack the core technologies, showcasing both the value and risks they create, and develop the required literacy for learners to successfully engage with ‘digital and data’.

  • Areas covered range from understanding tech landscape to relevant soft skills and digital methods
  • Assess Digital Readiness and maturity using Digital Talent Maturity Model
  • Digitally Immersive Workshops to help learn and practice digital way of working