Our Value Proposition

How can you benefit from Gestalt?

We help organizations realize the benefits of digital initiatives through holistic upskilling of both existing workforce and new hires. Our proprietary framework combines foundational digital competency, digital mindset, industry domain knowledge, and custom digital skills for your enterprise.

Lay the foundation for digital culture

Culture is how people act and work. Gestalt's upskilling helps your workforce use technology as an embedded element in every thought and action, setting the stage for a deep-rooted and forward-thinking digital culture.

Business-centric, not just about technology

Upskilling covers not only technical competency, but also the business models and processes now enabled by new knowledge of digital platforms. These models and processes are the engines of disruptive growth.

Digitally-immersive experiential learning

Instead of textbooks and modules, participants work through multi-dimensional real-world scenarios in a digitally immersive setting. This ensures sustained learning of skills easily transferred back to the job.

Business technology expertise

Our trainers and founders are experts who have successfully developed and led digitally fluent teams for their organizations. They bring cutting-edge thinking, ideas, and business scenarios from their experiences.